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Northern Alberta – Peace River Arch

This area extends from the Ladyfern/ Hamburg area in the north to the south side of the Peace River Arch and is bound by the regional triangle of Rainbow Lake, Grande Prairie and Whitecourt.

The northern half of the area is represented by regional dipping geology with shallow gas plays developing around the paleo unconformity and deeper Slave Point potential associated with carbonate reef development and regional structural tectonism associated with the Hay River suture zone. The area has well developed fields in the Ladyfern, Hamburg, Lapp and Boyer areas, while also possessing a number of under explored exploration fairways that extend away from the existing production.

The southern half of the area encompassing the Peace River Arch is prolific for its multi zone prospectivity that has resulted in many new discoveries in recent years. Seismic remains a critical tool in this area given its structural complexity.

Prospective formations recently pursued by many companies in the Peace River Arch include Triassic Doig oil and Montney gas resources, Devonian Beaverhill Lake and Granite Wash sands and Wabamun. Astonishing light oil rates of thousands boe/d have recently been obtained at Puskwaskau from under explored sands in the Beaverhill Lake Group. It is now the object of increasing industry attention, motivated by oil scarcity and high prices.

Seismic data significantly enhances the geological model here. The prospects require new high resolution 3D data to provide the risk reduction and reservoir delineation necessary to pursue the opportunities efficiently.

Northern Alberta - Area Map
ABCL - Wanham 3D
Birch Hills 3D
Birch Hills East 3D
Birch Hills North 3D
Birch River 3D
Campbell Creek 3D
CANN - Latornell 3D
CANN - Simonette 3D
Cliffdale 3D
Culp 3D
Culp East 3D
Dawson 3D
Girouxville 3D
Girouxville 2000 3D
Gold Creek 2D
Grande Prairie 3D
Grande Prairie 98 3D
Grande Prairie South 3D
Grovedale North 3D
Gutah 3D
Josephine 3D
Kimiwan 3D
La Glace 2D
Manir 3D
McLeans Creek 3D
Mica North 3D
Mulligan 3D
Normandville 3D
Normandville South 3D
North Gage 3D
SEN - Cadotte North 3D
SEN - Dawson (99) 3D
SEN - Dawson East 3D
SEN - Dawson SW 3D
SEN - Iroquois 93-01 3D
SEN - Otter South 3D
SEN - Seal 3D
SEN - Seal North 3D
SEN - Seal NW 3D
SEN - Slave West 3D
Shadow 3D
Smoky River 2D
Smoky River II 2D
Spirit River 3D
Teepee 3D
VGS - Rycroft 3D
Wabatanisk 3D