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Horn River Basin

The Horn River lies between the Liard Basin and the Slave Point platform in the far North East corner of British Columbia. The Horn River Basin shale play is now considered to be the largest shale gas play in Canada.

Arcis’ original involvement in this area commenced in 2004 with the acquisition of the Ootla 3D survey. At the time of the survey there was little dialogue of the lower Devonian shales with industry focused primarily on traditional conventional resources of the Upper and Middle Devonian carbonates in the area. However, some ongoing research on the applicability and fundamentals of shale gas was already taking place within academia and government agencies. From this knowledge, Arcis took a lead in acquiring a large 3D in an unproven sub-basin.

Our efforts and research over the past three years have identified new theories, processing methodologies, and technology advancements to increase the value of seismic to exploration and development of the Horn River shales.

To date, Arcis has created over 1000 km2 of 3D seismic data in the Horn River Basin. Some of it is jointly owned with Olympic Seismic Ltd.

Horn River Basin British Columbia - Area Map
Gote West 3D
Komie 2009 2D
Komie East 3D
Komie North 3D
Komie Northeast 3D
Komie South 3D
Ootla 3D
Shekilie 2D