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Arcis owns data in Southeastern Saskatchewan, providing optimal imaging for prospective zones in the Cretaceous (Belly River), Mississippian (Frobisher, Midale, Bakken), Devonian (Birdbear, Winnipegosis, Duperow), and Ordovician (Red River targets). Located on the eastern flank of the Nesson Anticline and proximal to the Brockton Froid lineation zone, this data covers an underexplored area within a high potential geologic fairway. There is huge potential for new discoveries of Bakken oil in the underexplored hinterlands of Southeastern Saskatchewan, particularly with the increased drilling that is currently taking place for deeper targets, and the advent of horizontal technology.

Arcis has also created a dozen 2D seismic lines for the southeast corner of Saskatchewan.

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Saskatchewan - Area Map
Neptune 3D
Neptune South 3D
SEN - Leinan 3D
SEN - Success 3D
Souris River 2D
Steelman 3D
TRI - Edam 96 3D
TRI - Edam South 3D
TRI - Northminster 3D
TRI - Tangleflags 3D
Unity 3D
Unity North 3D
VGS - Alameda 3D
Wilcox 2D