3D Design & Modeling

One of the unique benefits of TGS Canada Corp’s Project Management team is that we have the ability and expertise to design and model all of our own 3D projects. Since the operational group’s inception in 2002, TGS has been directly involved with the operation of seismic acquisition programs totaling over 3600km2. Although the majority of our programs have been acquired in the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin, we also have extensive experience throughout Canada including projects in Saskatchewan, Nova Scotia, PEI and Quebec. 

TGS offers both traditional orthogonal and non orthogonal (megabin) methods, although many of the 3D designs are planned using the traditional orthogonal methods with the technical goals for fold, offset, and azimuth in mind. Whatever method is chosen, a full spectrum of processing and interpretation products can be created, post-acquisition, if desired. Some examples of available design and modeling services include:


  • Parameter selection, comparison and testing using data analysis.

  • Multi-client and proprietary survey design.

  • Fold, offset and azimuth attribute analysis.

  • Script file generation for all recording formats.

  • Segp1 file creation and quality control.

  • Survey statistic breakdowns and summaries.

  • Comprehensive QC and monitoring of survey from the design phase to acquisition.

  • On-the-fly remodeling and offsetting from the field.

  • In-field QC and vibroseis parameter testing and selection.