Coherence attributes

Coherence computes a measure of similarity between adjacent traces. Identification and mapping of channel edges, reefs, faults and fracture systems in 3D volumes becomes so much easier with the coherence volume. Structural and stratigraphic interpretation of seismic data gets facilitated by using a coherence volume. Arcis offers coherence computation services based on Energy Ratio algorithm (a modified eigen-decomposition of covariant matrices approach). This algorithm has generated results better than those from the standard semblance as well as eigen-decomposition based algorithms.

Coherence Semblance Coherence_Energy Ratio

Coherence using semblance without dip-steering option

Coherence using Energy Ratio


Coherence using semblance






Coherence (Energy Ratio) after PC-filtering



Coherence_Energy Ratio


(Data courtesy: Olympic Seismic, Calgary)


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