Depth Processing

Depth Imaging Key Capabilities:

3D PSDM algorithms to meet all imaging needs

  • Kirchhoff pre-stack depth migration
  • Beam migration (rapid testing of velocity models and salt interpretation)
  • Common Shot (and Common P) one-way WEM
  • Reverse time migration (FD and pseudo spectral methods)
  • Mirror migration (Kirchhoff and RTM)
  • Q Tomography
  • Q Migration
  • Full Waveform Inversion (FWI)

Tomography and Subsalt velocity model building tools

  • Full azimuth ray-tracing tomography
  • Fault constrained tomography
  • Simultaneous inversion for velocity, delta, and epsilon
  • DIT Scans (RTM or WEM)
  • Interactive beam migration and layer-stripping RTM for salt model refinement
  • Variable salt (dirty salt) velocity modeling and updates

Specialized Model Building Tools

  • Interpretation driven modeling
  • Directional imaging stacks (for WAZ data)
  • 3D RTM gathers for tomography updates in complex areas

click here for examples of TGS' Depth Processing.


Depth processing depth_pro_pic5