Digital Media Services

From restoring and recovering data from magnetic tapes, to mapping services for interpretation; we have the tools and experience to help you accomplish your exploration goals.

Our 3D data extraction services for complex geometry designs can save you money by accurately determining exactly which data you are selecting, thus reducing the overall cost of your data purchase. Let us show you how you can benefit from this service.

Quick turnaround time, quality service and extensive expertise are the cornerstones of our proven track record for Digital Media Services. 

3D Data Extraction Services

  • 3D field data restoration - CDP or Raw Shot
  • 3D field partialled output
  • 3D stack data restoration
  • 3D stack partialled output
  • Irregular polygons
  • Area calculation
  • Verified output data sets 

Workstation Services

  • SEISWARE 2D & 3D data loading
  • Colour time slice & sections
  • Horizon & colour displays
  • Seismic section display with labels
  • Colour plotting 

Mapping Services for Interpretation

  • Wells, grid & culture
  • Mapping services
  • Cores
  • PSTs
  • Gas analysis
  • Logs
  • Pressures
  • Tops
  • Local coordinate conversions 

Tape Consolidation Services 

  • Data consolidation & recovery
  • Tape copying & reformatting
  • Transcription services
  • Seismic data management
  • Workstation data prep & remastering