Health & Safety


Safety Management System 

TGS Canada Corp (TGS) is very proud of its Safety Management System and the “safety culture” that has been created. This is the direct result of the strong support, management commitment and involvement from our Senior Management Team. TGS believes “Safety is everyone’s responsibility.” A thorough prequalification process has been established to verify contractors’ safety management systems. Periodic audits are performed on contractors to ensure compliance. Senior management representatives, visit project sites annually, in support of the entire operations team. The purpose is to effectively communicate and listen to any concerns that employees and contractors may express.

TGS ensures external COR Audits for applicable provinces, are completed on an annual basis. Audits are conducted by professional certified auditors, to verify the effectiveness of our safety management system.

Due to our exemplary safety performance, TGS consistently maintains the maximum industry WCB discount.


Health and Safety Initiatives

On Site Professional Project Management

TGS employs Project Managers with many years of local, national and international experience. In addition, their varied backgrounds from working within industry as drillers, surveyors and management, enhance their skills as Project Managers.


Compliance with HSE Standards  

Field HSE Advisors assist Project Managers by performing compliance worksite audits on contractors, worksite hazard assessments, equipment safety inspections, conducting general safety meetings and incident investigations when necessary. HSE Advisors continually strive to invoke a positive and open safety culture on TGS projects. 


Procurement Process 

TGS has established an extensive procurement process for all contractors, whereby a pre-qualification questionnaire and other pertinent documents such as: Certificate of Insurance, WCB Clearance Letter and Rate Sheet, SECOR / COR certificate are submitted to the Operations Department for a review and verification process. Every contractor’s safety program is classified, recommendations are forwarded back to the contractor on items requiring improvement and a report is kept on file.


External Procurement 

TGS maintains active membership with; ISNetworld, Complyworks and Avetta. TGS continues to operate in the Green or A Categories for all Clients.


Final Project Summaries and Reports 

Open communication is essential to conducting efficient operating projects. To this extent, Arcis provides daily, weekly and/or monthly reports as per the client’s request.


Onsite Supervisors and Auditing 

Onsite Field HSE Advisors assist Project Managers in performing various tasks which are fundamental in creating and operating in a safe work environment for everyone involved. The following are some of the tasks performed by Field HSE Advisors: 

  • Ongoing worksite hazard assessments
  • Pre-Access alcohol and drug screening/testing
  • Daily and weekly safety meetings with contractors
  • Pre start equipment safety inspections
  • Root Cause Incident investigations
  • Worksite audits on contractors


Member of following industry Associations

CAGC – Canadian Association of Geophysical Contractors

CSEG – Canadian Society of Exploration Geophysicists

APEGGA – Association of Professional Engineers, Geologists and Geophysicists of Alberta

The Director of Geophysical Operations actively participates in industry initiatives and currently presides as a member on the CAGC Board of Directors.


Active supporter of the Enform Safety Stand Down Program

Annually, TGS participates in Enform’s “Safety Stand Down” program by having Senior Management visit various project sites and present industry suggested themes to workers and engage them in discussions on related safety topics. This event is beneficial for all involved as senior management is reminded of what their front line workers experience daily and workers have an opportunity to communicate with decision makers.


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