Marine Processing

The industry is increasingly recognizing the benefits of broadband data.  Broadband seismic provides greater richness of both robust low frequencies - ideal for deep structure imaging and inversion stability, and high frequencies - which aid temporal resolution.

TGS' Clari-Fi™ is a proprietary three-step processing solution which allows broadband pre-stack seismic data generation from conventionally acquired seismic data (ie. using single sensor streamers towed at a constant depth).

Enhancing Deep Data
A focused approach on spectrum enrichment and denoise that sharpens the overall image and raises confidence on interpreting deeper data.  Useful on both newly acquired data and in improving legacy data.

Noise Attenuation
A variety of noise types can be found within each seismic data set.  After analysis, these are removed using the proper method.  TGS has a complete suite of denoise routines that operate in different domains and are efficient at removing:

  • Swell noise
  • Spike noise
  • Seismic interference
  • Linear noise
  • Random noise
  • Ship or stationary noise

Multiple Removal
Each project presents unique challenges for multiple removal.  TGS' range of versatile multiple removal algorithms ensure that a solution can be found for even the most challenging problem.  Techniques include:

  • TAME™ (3D SRME)
  • SMELT (Stepwise Multiple Elimination by Linear Transforms)
  • High-resolution Radon multiple attenuation
  • Apex-shifted Radon
  • Diffracted multiple attenuation
  • Post-migration multiple modeling and subtraction

Regularization / Interpolation
Data regularization/interpolation is an essential step in the preparation of data sets for pre-stack time and depth migrations.  TGS offers a range of regularization solutions including:

  • Local frequency-wave number regularization (3D)
  • Tau-P along dominant dips (3D)
  • Wavefield downward continuation

Additional Pre-Processing Techniques

  • Refraction statics, water column statics
  • Survey merging
  • Footprint attenuation - available as both pre-stack and post-stack implementations
  • Q compensation
  • Spherical divergence corrections

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Marine Processing