Multiple Attenuation

Interbed multiples represent one of the thorniest problems in land processing, and although the problem may never be outright solved, our state-of-the-art interbed multiple tools go a long way towards the effective removal of undesirable reverberatory energy.


RADON – High resolution (parabolic & linear) Radon transform demultiple

RADON, our high resolution Radon demultiple tool, is our workhorse tool for internal multiple elimination.

The algorithm is based on the pioneering work of Sacchi and Ulrych (1995) and the underlying inverse problem essentially enforces sparsity in the Radon domain in order to facilitate differentiation between primary and fast interbed energy.  Because subtle velocity discrimination lies at the heart of the Radon-based internal multiple approach, we have augmented this basic algorithmic kernel with a graphical interface to allow easy specification of time and space variant Radon filter masks.

Click below to view a demo of our interactive Radon tool.


The figure below shows a snapshot of our interactive Radon tool in action. Note that the user is targeting a fast interbed multiple in the zone-of-interest, and has accordingly chosen a time-variant mute which is quite aggressive in the zone but is gentle elsewhere.

Radon figs


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