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Lunch & Learn Presentations

Recent technical Lunch & Learn presentations held at TGS Canada Corp. 
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Seismic Data Processing 101:  From Field to Workstation
Graziella Kirtland Grech

A crash course on seismic data processing suitable for budding geoscientists.
Topics include:

  • Seismic acquisition - the method
  • Pre-processing - prepping the data for processing
  • Fundamentals of seismic data processing: the basics
  • Beyond the fundamentals

Surface-consistent phase estimation and correction

Peter Cary, Chief Geophysicist, Processing & Nirupama Nagarajappa, Research Geoscientist

Phase consistency of the seismic wavelet is critical for reliable interpretation, especially in the case of subtle stratigraphic plays. However, phase has been notoriously difficult to measure or control during seismic processing. Statements are often made about how stable or unstable the phase of the wavelet is after surface-consistent deconvolution, for example, but these statements are rarely supported with quantitative measurements.

In this talk, we will:

  • Present a method for estimating surface-consistent variations in seismic phase
  • Demonstrate how this method measures and corrects for short-to-medium wavelength source and receiver-consistent variations in phase
  • Provide evidence for the reliability of these estimates
  • Review data examples showing how the final image improves when surface-consistent phase corrections are applied

An Introduction to Marine Deghosting
Mike Perz, Director, Technology & Innovation (MC-Land)

This talk provides an introduction to the topic of deterministic marine deghosting, with particular emphasis placed on the TGS Clari-Fi™ broadband processing technique. The presentation is primarily directed at local geophysicists who are accustomed to using statistical deconvolution on land data, but who are becoming increasingly involved in marine exploration.

Topics covered include:

  • Description of ghost phenomenon and its adverse effect on resolution
  • Snapshot of industry state-of-the-art in hardware/software deghosting
  • Overview of Clari-Fi™ deghosting approach
  • Considerations in handling non-flat cables
  • Real data examples


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