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TGS Canada Corp (TGS) has operated and managed multi-million, multi-phased seismic programs under numerous transactional obligations including multi-client, joint ventures, partnerships, exclusive arrangements and project management. Acting as the prime contact, TGS will utilize our in-house expertise to maximize program efficiency, maintain quality control, and minimize project costs, while focused on mitigating risks to people, environment (HSE) and equipment. Our ability to create unique and flexible proposals is largely based on the exploration knowledge and operational experience, backed by qualified safety advisors and technical specialists. Allowing for seismic acquisition endeavors to be planned and executed with the precision required to meet any clients needs. 

Project Management Project Management

Acquisition Planning and Design

  • Advance operations and location scouting; complete multi-media reporting 

  • Regional and local geoscience studies

  • Geophysical evaluation and program design; all seismic acquisitions methods

  • GIS mapping (Satellite, LiDAR, DIDs); seismic, land-use, elevation and slope

  • Accurate and complete operational cost estimates and program timelines

  • Contractor procurement and prequalification; corporate and HSE components

  • Regulatory administration and compliance supervision

 Acquisition Execution and Field Operation

  • Stakeholder and industry communications, permitting and commencement notices

  • Site supervision; qualified in-field project managers, HSE supervisors

  • HSE site management; site specific orientations, hazard control, communications

  • HSE site management; A&D pre-access testing, inspections & incident investigations

  • GIS mapping (Satellite, LiDAR, DIDs); permit, pipeline, and program progress maps

  • Daily “remote” geophysical support; survey and design quality control

  • In-field geophysical support; acquisition start up and seismic data quality control

  • Daily “remote” operations support; site, crew and expenditure supervision

  • In-field operations support; advance and recording operations guidance

  • Daily and weekly progress reporting; customizable

 Post Acquisition Engagement

  • Site inspection; area clean up and general site reclamation

  • Stakeholder and industry communications; completion notices

  • Regulatory final plans; mapping, timber and crop damage, flowing hole assessments

  • Reporting; customizable

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